Railways GB

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       Railways GB consists of random pictures taken on 'The Big System'
and other Heritage Lines.


    The Galleries are dedicated to the memory of the late

 Dr. Fred Dibnah MBE 


Sir John Betjeman


Many other galleries now added

Shillingstone (S&DJR) Lives. Gallery 1A
It is lovely to have such a splendid link with the old Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway.

 The East Somerset Railway. Gallery 1B
Excellent Somerset Railway with a wide variety of stock.

Railways GB. Gallery 2
 1978 to 2010-08-18

Railways GB. Gallery 3
2010-09-16 to the present date.

Plymouth & Cornwall June 2003. Gallery 4
A TEFS Tours special trip.

Railways GB 2004 to 2010. Gallery 5

Local Rail Bournemouth to Poole 2000 to 2009.
Gallery 6
This gallery is an in depth look at the line structures between the two towns.

TEFS Tours East Anglia 2010. Gallery 7
This tour covers the national system, Bressingham Museum and other heritage lines in the area.

The Bluebell Railway 2010. Gallery 8 
 The Premier Railway in South East England.

Isle of Wight 2008. Gallery 9
The unique island railway. 

The West Somerset Railway. Gallery 10 
A really GREAT long distance railway.

The titles of Galleries 11 to 31 will be self explanatory
The following are worth looking at:

Settle & Carlisle. Gallery 13
VSOE to Paignton, Devon. Gallery 14

Poole Park Railway. Gallery 19
This park railway was established in 1949 and is still
going strong in 2013.
The latest pictures show the preparation and first round trip of the
day March 2013.

Railways in Black & White. Gallery 23
The Mid Hants Railway. Gallery 29

The Alton Model Centre (AMC). Gallery 30
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