Anything Goes
A diversion from transport pictures

Galleries 1, 2 & 3
Miscellaneous pictures covering various subjects

Gallery 4
The Lost Gardens of Heligan and The Eden Project in Cornwall are wonderful places to visit and to see the huge range of flowers and plants.

Gallery 5
Leptis Magna, Libya
We were very lucky to see and experience this wonderful site in Libya before the political situation and war started.
We wonder what happened to the excellent guides that took us round the site?

Gallery 6
The Royal British legion Poppy Factory in Richmond, Surrey continues to help and support servicemen and women to this day. A very inspiring visit.

Gallery 7
Weston-super-Mare, the well known Somerset resort, has undergone a considerable amount of tasteful reconstruction during the last few years. Regrettably the Big Wheel has now been dismantled.
Brunell's Clifton Suspension Bridge continues to amaze.

Gallery 8
Kilver Court Gardens, situated below Charlton Viaduct (S&DJR), Shepton M
allet, Somerset, are full of interest with a large array of plants set in a rock garden boarding a small lake with the old viaduct as a backdrop.
I have returned to the gardens on various occasions and I am never tired of seeing the flowers and plants in this stunning situation.  

Gallery 9
Anything Goes. More randum pictures.

Gallery 10 
Greece, Israel, Egypt & Jordan
A facinating visit to the Holy Lands. 

Gallery 11
Poole's Twin Sales bridge showing construction to completion.

Gallery 12
A visit to the wonderful Italian City of Florence.

Gallery 13
Egypt and its Temples.

Gallery 14
The Civic Regalia, Borough of Poole, Dorset.

Gallery 15
Auschwitz, Poland.

Gallery 16
More miscallaneous pictures.

Gallery 17 & 18
More wonderful sites in Egypt.

Gallery 19
USA. California, Nevada and Arizona give us sun, sites and sounds of the New World. 

Gallery 20
We travel the eastern seaboard and hinterland of the USA and Canada on a fly drive holiday.

Gallery 21
Canada. Ottawa,Toronto and Montreal in the winter of 1991.

Gallery 22
This Gallery coveres the summer of 1992 in Canada.

Gallery 23
Across Canada by RAIL visiting Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia in the      winter 
of 2001.    

Gallery 24
Fly drive to the USA visiting Florida, L
ouisana, Alabama and Georgia.